Falisiano is a high fashion/streetwear brand that's located in the US. My name is Enoc Galeas im the CEO of Falisiano I created Falisiano in 2021 August 1st. The reason why I created this brand is that I always had an artistic view of clothing. Some people might look at clothing as a material possession or something to wear, but I look at clothing as an extension of oneself. You can learn a bit about a person based on their clothes and how they present themselves to others. This gives you an idea of how they may view themselfs. I Believe that imagination and creativity are what makes a person different from others.  Everybody has their way of expressing themselves creatively. This can be through clothing, singing, rapping, painting, sports, content creating. I can go on for a while, but I hope you get the point. Our Mission is to use our clothing to create an impact by giving people an artistic view of not only clothing but life and understanding it. With this, we can come together as a human race instead of separating each other because what a person may have that another may not. This Will bring insecurity and a person feeling less than what they think they are. This is why we want to give people a large amount of good quality clothing for an affordable price so we can push and provide people with an understanding of each other. This is the first step to greatness for not just me or you for all of us. 



You can be or do whatever you want in life. The mind is powerful in ways you may not understand. Creativity is not something that you do. It’s something that you are